The ABC of the Salento Notary

Short dictionary for documents in Salento

Argulu: Tree
Actu: Notarial deed
Addhrai: there, in that place
Ascicu: terrace
All’ampete: on foot
Bampatu (no knows): it was not crossed by fire
Chiusura/ Cisura: bottom
Cuncertare: to agree
Crai: tomorrow
Carrara: unpaved country road, pedestrian crossing
Ccchiancatu: flooring with Lecce stone bricks
Chianta: plant
Cannizzu: house with a small cover of reeds
Caniatu: brother-in-law
Chiusura: agricultural fund
Chianca: typical Lecce flat stone
Cazzafitta: plaster
Dhra Vanna: over there
Fondu: ground
Fore: agrigolo bottom
Foggia: cesspool
Ffittare: rent
Furnieddhru: small rural building like a trullo
Fiata: once
Fruire: to take advantage of
Focalire: fireplace
Finescia: window
Giurnu; day
Iddhra: her
Imu: we have
Intra: inside
Irmici: ancient tiles
Iusso / Iussi: servitude
Lamia: terrace
Largu: discovered of relevance
Lunitia: Monday
Leccisu: manufactured in Lecce stone
Libretta: postal booklet
Moi: now
Menza: half
Martitia: Tuesday
Merculitia: Wednesday

Nchianata: climb
None: no
NusterzU: the day before yesterday
Nu sacciu: I don’t know
Nutaru: notary
Ojalure: type of olive tree
Osci: today
Ozza: ancient terracotta vessel
Ota: search
Oscu: forest
Pajara: medium-sized rural construction like a trullo
Pilune: large concrete / stone vessel containing water
Puzzu: well
Pete te ulia: olive tree
Puscrai: the day after tomorrow
Pila: small concrete / stone container containing water
Quai: here, in this place
Quiddhru: that
Quannu: when
Rretu: behind, behind
Rimesa: garage
Sciardinu: private garden
Stuppeddrhru: unit of measurement corresponding to about 7 liters of olive oil
Sine: yes
Ssuta: small appurtenant space sometimes covered
Strittula: small road / passage
Sterna: cistern
Sabbatu: Saturday
Scisa: descent
Scarturare: write
Stipu: closet
Sgarrata: demolished
Sciuvitia: Thursday
Scanciare: make a trade-in
Tumunica: Sunday
Terra Scerza: land not cultivated
Tie: you
Tubbista: plumber
Trastule: cheating
Truddhru: medium / large rural construction
Uttisciana: non-public holiday (Monday to Friday)
Vespra: afternoon
Vanu: room
Vinculu: bond
Vennardia: Friday
Viscattu: awake person